Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bonus New Year's Eve, 11:59 PM Smutty Sunday Drabble

Closing Time
by Shawn Erin

He looks back at the story house. "What the fuck was that?"

She says, "All the collected erotic fantasies of one man through the course of a year."

"Some of it was pretty twisted."

"I know. Kinda turned me on." She grins. "Come on. Let's act some of them out."


"Really." She undresses. Her curves make him hard.

"We can't just fuck in the open."

"Why not?"

"'Cause this is reality. Not some perverted story."

She laughs. "Everything's a story. Enjoy it."

He looks back at the magical house. "Fuck it." He undresses and penetrates her. Enjoying the ride.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Smutty Sunday Drabble: porn you can read without blinking

So here's the third installment of the Avery Trilogy. We first met Avery in the February 10 installment of Smutty Sunday Drabble, "A Different Perspective." Next came "Satisfaction and Freedom" on April 28"69," published March 24, though not an Avery story, takes place in the same universe. I figured this was somewhat fitting to fall on the last Sunday of the year.

Please note, though this is the last Sunday, this is not the last drabble. On New Year's Eve, 11:59 PM Mountain Time, GMT -0700, I will post (or rather, blogspot will automatically post it for me) a special "Smutty Sunday Drabble." I think you can most likely read 100 words in one minute.

I Can't Get No...
by Shawn Erin

Avery whored all around the moon, sometimes feeling male, sometimes female. But was there anyway to be satisfied?

"Fuck me," asked a... woman?... man?

Avery fucked its cunt and stroked its cock till they both came.

"Who're you?" Avery asked.

The dream faded and the world asserted itself. Avery went to the bathroom and saw the dream being in the mirror.

"You are who you are, not what society wants or expects," it said. Then disappeared.

Avery decided he was male, for now. He and the being dream-fucked often, and every time they did, he meditated on the being's mantra.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Bonus Christmas Smutty Sunday Drabble

I just had to post a special Smutty Sunday Drabble on Christmas Day. So sacrilegious!

Naughty Girl
by Shawn Erin

"Who the fuck are you?" Mary asked the demon.

"I'm Krampus. I punish children, whereas Santa rewards them."

"I'm no child."

"Still, you need punishing. You've been very naughty this past year, fucking everything in sight."

"And that's a problem?" She got wet once she saw his fat cock sticking through the loincloth."

"To some, yes. You're the Virgin Mary's namesake.

"So? I had a lover named Jesus. What do you think, Krampus?"

"You can see what I think."

"Well, then get over here and fuck me already."

She was so loud she didn't even hear Santa delivering the presents.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Smutty Sunday Drabble: porn you can read without blinking

I suppose this would be considered erotic fan fiction.

How the Wrinch Got His Toy
by Shawn Erin

Berry Su-Hoo knocked on the Wrinch's door; he just couldn't stay away.

"It's Christmas Eve. I'm busy!"

Berry saw the sleigh full of Christmas presents. "Please, Mr. Wrinch, can you find it in your large heart-"

"It's not my heart you want."

Berry stared at the Wrinch's bulged pants.

"How can I say no to your horniness?"

Berry sucked, then fucked the Wrinch till they swallowed each other's come. So generous the Wrinch. How had he ever stolen Christmas?

"I should keep you as my sex slave and pet."

Berry's cock grew two lengths too long at the thought.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Smutty Sunday Drabble: porn you can read without blinking

Though zombies are all the rage, and I have a zombie story published, I just can't quite get on the zombie bandwagon. Here's my sole contribution for "Smutty Sunday Drabble."

Undead Modifications
by Shawn Erin

Zombie-ism sucked, Lyle thought at first. Day and night he shambled around the streets, moaning and craving brains.

Then he met Mel. Though alive, she didn't fear him. She grabbed his perpetually hard cock, which broke off. She shoved it in his ass. He moaned, this time with pleasure.

"Like that, zombie dude?" She pumped the cock in and out. She stripped, and put on a strap-on. When she shoved it into the hole where his penis had been, Lyle was disgusted, yet turned on.

With both holes filled, he came so hard. No, being a zombie has its perks.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Smutty Sunday Drabble: porn you can read without blinking

Sun Allergy
by Shawn Erin

"Lilith has xeroderma pigmentosum," the landlord said to Hailey. "She can't have any exposure to the sun. You won't be seeing much of her."

With the rent so cheap, Hailey took it. When they met, Hailey couldn't peel her eyes off the raven-haired beauty. After sundown, Lilith always left. One night, Hailey had to follow.

Though painted with ecstasy, these nude bodies weren't in an orgy. Not exactly.

"Glad you joined us," Lilith said with a vampiric grin.

Hailey too unclothed. She came several times from the blood-sucking and constant fucking. Hailey wouldn't be seeing much of the sun either.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Smutty Sunday Drabble: porn you can read without blinking

I wish I'd thought of this story when Anthony Weiner "Carlos Danger" was in the news.

It Might Really Be Someone's Face
by Shawn Erin

"Ugh! Not another dick pic!" Jamie had an idea. She text-flirted with him anyway and got her gay brother Hans to go instead.

When he returned, Hans looked a little flustered, but also deeply content.

"What happened?"

"I met the guy. He wore a large overcoat, and every square inch of his body was covered. He pointed to the bathroom. I hesitated...'cause it's weird. But...Jamie, the guy is literally one giant cock."

Jamie laughed, but saw Hans' seriousness. "Okay, so he's literally a dickhead. What did you do?"

"Naturally, he fucked me in the ass. I never felt so good."